Thursday 21 July 2011

Ghostkeeper (1986)

This is another, like the aforementioned FINAL EXAM, that starts quite well and then falls apart.  Three rather annoying young urbanites on snowmobiles find an apparently abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere.  Mechanical problems and a snowstorm prevent them leaving so they hole up for the night and wish they hadn't.  The director, Jim Makichuk, has admitted since that they ran out of money and script and essentially made up the second half of the movie as they went along, which explains why it's such a mess.  The first half is genuinely atmospheric and promises an examination of the Wendigo myth of the Algonquian people.  Sadly of those good intentions disappear and instead you get an utterly incoherent mess of running down corridors, dimly lit interiors, and wading through snowdrifts which makes no sense at all and appears to be the work of someone who wants to remake THE SHINING without having seen it or read it.

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